About Us

Nancy May’s personal journey towards health and transformation began over 25 years ago. The journey inward was accelerated by her ongoing participation in a leadership role while assisting in motivational life-changing seminars (Pathways for Successful Living, Lifestream etc) throughout the years. Nancy continues to volunteer her time in that arena while developing and conducting her yoga and transformational workshops for the “soul” purpose that it enables her to continue her mission to inspire others in taking the steps necessary to make their dreams come true. Nancy was a Regional Vice President of an international company. Working in this arena has given her a deeper understanding of the corporate culture and related issues of stress and pressure. Yoga can help create more balance and energy and at the same time relax and let go of daily pressures. Nancy brings her unique and heart-felt yoga skills to all ages (4-76) throughout the US. She serves people from coast to coast having lived and trained in California. Her teaching style comes from her extensive own experience, courage and commitment to change and align her first -- it is both compassionate and challenging. Please email or call Nancy (815-319-3500) to attend or set up a class to fit your specific needs. 


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