Be sure to bring a blanket or pillow and wear comfortable clothing.
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GONG Meditation with Kenny Kolter 

A gong bath or gong meditation is an opportunity to bathe in the healing resonant sound harmonics that a gong creates. Gongs embody the universal sound & basic chordal structure of the eternal AUM. The physical sound vibration of the gong is powerful and soothing, invigorating & relaxing all at the same time. This is a non denominational experience; all that is needed is an open mind and an open set of ears. Oftentimes when I share my passion and interest with folks about using a gong as a method for meditation/prayer, they imagine someone hitting a gong in a repetitious manner while the dinner plates are rattling in the kitchen. I play a Paiste 30” Zodiac Planetary Earth Gong tuned to the processional cycle of the earth. This instrument is designed solely for prayer/healing/mediation purposes and produces a large spectrum of fascinating functional harmonics. Because of my experience as a percussionist I approach a gong meditation with a subtle rhythmic quality, teasing out the vast array of tones, harmonics & shimmering nuances that reside within the instrument. The result is that these sonic, mystical characteristics provide a vehicle for quieting the mind & body.


Please join Nancy May, Yoga from the Heart studio owner, who will begin the day with a relaxing yet invigorating 75 minute yoga class to open your mind and body and prepare you an intriguing one hour Gong Meditation with Kenny Kolter, percussionist and gong master. You will complete this workshop by indulging your taste for the finer things in life with a special lunch at the Encounter Café.

Description of Gong Meditation

A Gong Meditation is 95% experiential. Kenny gives a brief description and history of the Gong and of the type of work he does. This hour is geared toward giving the participants a chance to meditate with the Gong providing an energetic and sonic back drop. Events like this are often referred to as a Gong Bath as one is bathing in the sound, vibration and energy of the gong. Recognized gong experts who have been studying and performing with gongs for decades believe that gongs have a powerful effect on the nervous system. “Gongs are energy generators, so there’s a lot of power in them. It comes down to Gongs being able to affect an individual on a cellular level, even a molecular level. Gongs open up your chakras and often release a lot of blocked energy, much like acupuncture or massage can do - it really is a sound massage.” As a percussionist Kenny approaches a gong meditation with a subtle rhythmic quality – exploring the full range of frequencies within the instrument from shimmering explosive highs to deep mysterious lows. His goal is to be a sound bridge between the energy and spirit that lies within the Gong and sonically draws out or tunes into the energy and spirit that resides in us all. Oftentimes he will create some sort of rhythmic pattern and move it around the face of the gong to find different pitches and an ambient subtle rhythm tends to open up and lead him down a path towards what to play next.

Attendees are amazed at the range of sound that a Gong produces and of the powerful meditative effect.

Please bring a yoga mat or large towel, a blanket and pillow and wear comfortable clothes. All levels are welcome to this event.

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