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Yoga Wine Spa

Cranial Sacral Reading

Gong Meditation

2006 Scarecrow Festival

2007 Be Open Retreat

2008 Reviving your Heart Retreat

Mindful Practice


Mindfulness Practice
Five-Hour Meditation Retreat

As we go about our daily life, we tend to get caught up in the business of routine tasks, forgetting to see things as they really are. Over time, we become preoccupied and little experiences in life bring our minds and hearts down. We don't take the time to slow down our inner thoughts to live in the present moment. For this reason it is truly invaluable to set aside sacred time for reflection and meditation. This meditation retreat will provide you with that quiet time for inner reflection and an opening of the psyche.

Please join us for 5 hours of inner peace with Retreat Leader Bhante Sujatha

12:00 “Opening to Grace” Yoga with Nancy
1:00 pm: Gathering with Bhante Sujatha
1:15 pm: Introduction and loving-kindness practice
2:00 pm: Sitting practice (breathing and walking meditation)
3:00 pm: Tea and snack plus discussion: "Daily practice"
4:30 to 5:00 pm: Sitting practice
Sharing love, kindness, and closeness

Empower Yourself to Heal Through Yoga:
Align your body, mind, and heart with the power of nature and experience the miracle of healing. Every cell in the body is programmed for vitality and joy. Unfortunately, due to unconscious patterns and self-limiting beliefs, we're not able to fully access this power. Through Yoga with Nancy, you will learn how to experience more freedom and joy in your life.

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