Poem written by "Horace" Corporate yogi

Oh Captain, My Captain

Please, Please let me know
When the next Yoga session starts
Even though I've been a "No-Show".

I 'll be prepared and I'll pay whatever the charge,
I need to get back involved before my waist gets too large.

I have been exceedingly busy with batches and all.
But I will try to take time before the end of the Fall.

Oh Captain, My Captain please do not feel dismay.
I shall return with vigor before you say, "Namaste".

Yours in a Mahavishnu gesture.


I just wanted to share this really cool image I had during Savasana last night. I was so relaxed, melting into the floor (earth). I started to see a beautiful, shimmering, healing energy swirling within me in a figure 8 patter. It came from the heavens, entered my crown chakra, swirled down the back of my spine, down the the front of my legs and up the back of my legs to my belly and out my hands and heart chakra. It joined everyone else's energy at the ceiling and swirled in a figure 8 there. Another source from the earth came from below and up through everyone's mat. This universal/love energy levitated all of us just slightly off our mats. I basked in this image feeling so warm and light. I felt joy. Thank you for your yoga instruction and the wonderful things you say to us during the classes. Lots of healing is going on, and will continue to in 2010. Thank you for welcoming Jeff to your class last night. He wants to come back.

“My life and job are so fast pace, putting out fires here constantly at work, parents, teachers, principals, it's hard to "come down" - that's where yoga helps. Want to try and be more calm - like you say just breathe!
I also like how you touch our forehead and the end, makes me feel loved. You truly are a "kind" person.”

“Thank you so much for being such a gracious host and (and talented) teacher. I thought of another wonderful de-stressor --- entering your house and your heart. Thank you for being such a wonderful person - I am so happy that we met. Here's to great times together in the year ahead!” Best wishes always.

“I just love the CD, thank you so much for putting
it together. I’ve enjoyed your class very much and as a result yoga has become an important part of my weekly routine.”
-Susan McCowan

Appreciation back at you lady, you are amazing and saved my body and mind and heart after a really hectic week of good stress!! Ditto for Lew who has, as he says, “the dream life” at the moment.
-Sharon Surrett

Your love and focus/energy pours out like a flowery nectar all over your students.

Yoga is a gentle physical practice resulting in muscular strength by focusing your mind on target muscle groups. Nancy taught me, thru Yoga, to allow myself to be more patient, toward my goal of a more sound physical presence.
-Jerry, South Elgin

Here are the testimonials of 4 young men which may surprise you!!!
"I feel like I am stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. I feel like a completely free being, able to glide through life at ease".
-Scott 17, Basketball player

"When I was finished with yoga I was completely free of all worries".
-Tyler 12

"Solace is very difficult to find in life today but yoga allows your body and mind to experience something outside of this world. The strains of everyday life are removed only to find what we are all looking for and it is all here in this art".
-Chris 19, UCSD student

"Yoga with Nancy helps me activate dormant (sleeping) muscles in my body thus increasing my overall athleticism".
-Kevin 19, Basketball Player
Dominican University of California

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