Feel the strength and confidence in your body and your mind

Improves balance while it strengthens the arches, ankles, calves and thighs

Remedies flat feet

Cultivates poise and focus

Vrksasana aka Tree Pose

Stand in Tadasana (mountain pose).

Shift your weight to the left foot and place the right foot on the top of the inner left thigh or, if this is too much for you, place the foot on the lower thigh or calf.

**Please avoid the knee as your foot could push it out of alignment.

Pull the left thigh up to the groin then push the left hip into the right foot and the right foot into the left thigh so it becomes isometric.

Inhale and lift the arms in prayer position in front of your heart for 3-5 breaths and then above the head (shoulder width apart) with the palms facing each other.

Continue to push down through the inner sole of the left foot and draw the thigh upward, the hip upward, the ribs, sternum and outer arms upward.

Lower the inner shoulder blades and BREATHE.

Move the right knee back into alignment with the left hip then draw the left front thigh slightly back so that the weight of the torso is over the center left ankle.

Soften the throat and eyes and breathe.

Stay in the pose 30 seconds or so, then release the arms and legs simultaneously into Tadasana, mountain pose.

Repeat on the other side.

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